Articulate Under Pressure (or not)

I am soooo not articulate under any kind of pressure. I have just about learned to be able to voice a complaint, but that’s it. Actually, it’s hard for me to be articulate in speech when anything is the least bit emotionally trying. I can write a mean letter (both literally and colloquially speaking), but speaking my mind via my mouth never ends well.

How can one learn to fix this? I’m 44 years old. It’s unlikely I’m going to independently develop the ability to think on my feet and verbalize adequately.

At the moment, though, a nice glass of wine has soothed my frayed nerves and made me less angst-ridden over my inability to sort things out via phone or face-to-face. I used to write my mom notes and leave them for her for the morning rather than have long talks with her. It’s a long and storied career I’ve had as a Non Talker (about stressful crap, anyway).

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