Almost Ready

Every year I get one brother-in-law a bottle of Crown Royal as his Christmas gift. It’s easy; I can get it at the grocery store any time. And yet it’s the last present I bought, today. Why did I let something so simple hang over my head?

In a few hours I will go to my friend C’s place for Christmas tea and gift exchange, and then we will go over to the Oakland Zoo for their Zoo Lights. Since I live in between her house and the zoo, I’ll drive and her husband will later come fetch her here. My house is not exactly presentable, but it will have to do. Coming home from work and being so tired all I do is have a sandwich and go to bed isn’t conducive to a lot of tidying up. Nothing is particularly dirty, just a bit of a mess. Alas.

I am also being stalked by a Shoe Demon. Several pairs of shoes have suddenly decided to develop holes or suddenly not fit. And I ordered a pair from Zappos I need to send back. My feet have always been wide but they seem to be in cahoots with the Shoe Demon and are becoming even wider over the instep, while remaining narrow at the heel. Damnit to hell.

Seriously, I don’t want to be one of those women who wear sneakers with everything. Or clunky orthopedic-esque shoes. In the spring and summer, sandals work. But if I want a closed-toe shoe I’m challenged. Feh.

Work has been… all right. No one has yelled at me yet, although I’ve had a couple of weird interactions. But so far, no one has driven me to tears. Watch this space. On the other hand, the exhaustion factor of being onstage all day sometimes means I’m in bed, lights out before nine pm. For someone who is a) not in grade school and b) a night person who is most happy after the sun has gone down, this is, shall we say, a bummer. Slowly, though, the nine pm nights are getting spaced out a bit. Monday nights are the worst, because it’s hard for me to go to bed super-early on Sunday, so by 5 pm Monday I am shattered.

And we only get one day off for Christmas. One of the few things I miss about my last job was having Christmas Eve off. Oh, for the lovely two weeks we had in grade/middle/high school and the month off during college!


Some coffee and reading now. Thank God for Saturdays.