Still Hanging In….

Wish this had come sooner in the season. is sloooow.

It even fits over the boobs.

It even fits over the boobs.

I chose his jersey because I wanted one of our All-Stars, and I love his comeback story. I love how he was the “chaperone” for the A’s ASG delegation, and picked up the tab for some expenses, since a lot of those guys are not making a lot by MLB standards. And, to be honest, I like “z’s.” 🙂

It’s hard to say “there’s always next year” considering Billy Beane really went hell bent for leather for this year, and we are not the Yankees. So I’m still hanging on to the hope of the wild card, and a miracle. But if not I will still be wearing this jersey to games for years to come, cheering on my crazy Green and Gold.


My Team is Killing Me, Man

They spent the first half with the best record in baseball. And now they are playing like the freakin’ Rockies.

I love them and they’re still my team — speak not to me of the Giants — but after such exhilaration, this is pretty damned depressing. And I know it’s depressing for them too.

I’ve always used baseball as a substitute for therapy. I love the rhythm of the game, of the announcers (though please God stop letting Shooty Babbitt fill in for Ray Fosse); watching the managers strategize and the tension of men on base. And I love a good blowout — provided it isn’t at my team’s expense, of course. But lately I can’t even watch. Work anxiety and depression has made me too close to the edge and another damned game where we issue walks or load the bases only to get NO ONE HOME is enough to boot me right over it.

As I used to tell my ex-husband, when he would have a conniption over his football team losing: You still have to go to work tomorrow, and they’re still rich for playing a game. I know that my life, personally, doesn’t change if the A’s bomb out or win the World Series, except in a little interior way (and some exterior whooping it up). But it’s still causing a whole lot of headdesking round here.


Kitchen Antics

I hadn’t wanted to get the chalkboard labels, because I wanted something permanent, but I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I got them plus chalkboard ink, which is at least somewhat permanent. And then I wrote verrrry carrrrrefully:


Tip: Use them right away, or put them on your containers first and then write, because if they dry and then you buckle the paper, you get a shower of white, as if you had a shower of royal icing bits.

Partway through my organizational foray:


I know it looks like all I do is store sugar, but these were in easy-to-label containers and are also the ones most likely to look like each other at a glance.

I’ve been using a lot of that bakers’ dry milk, too; the white thing to the far left is my little Mini-Zojirushi breadmaker. I’m torn on it, actually. I wanted something small just for the sake of small. My pantry, while I love having one, is not huge, and it’s pretty full. I’m trying to declutter my counters, so I didn’t want one that was so big I’d just want to leave it out. This one fits the bill and makes yummy bread. However, the 1-lb loaves are tiny. I could eat one in a sitting, and I think most people probably could. So when I think of it I make two loaves back to back.

I do still feel a little guilty using it at all, though, considering I have a KitchenAid and I can and have made bread by hand. Rocket science it is not.

In other culinary news, I just replaced my microwave with a combo microwave/convection oven, which was the most economic option for getting a second oven. LOVE IT. I have just taken this recipe out of it. They are cooling now:


They smell awesome and I hope they come out of that pan in reasonable shape and taste as good as they are promising to. I’m really trying to have relatively healthy, tasty snacks for work. Gotta get through those days somehow.

And in a bit I’m going to give this casserole a go. It’s a thekitchn sort of weekend apparently.

In the annals of things I am grateful for, in the midst of this, I must say: MY DISHWASHER. It really makes cooking and baking more fun. For these bars I’m glad I recently got a set of lightweight stainless mixing bowls, because I used the second largest and it was easy to manuever when I had to pout hot honey/sugar/butter into fruit, nuts, and cereal — and since my dishwasher was already packed I washed it by hand without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a spork.

I mean, usually I’ll do anything to get out of washing dishes. Though perhaps not really the spork thing.

Thank God for the three-day weekend! We have another next month, and then a Tuesday off mid-Nov, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year, then MLK, then President’s Day…and then we enter the long dearth of days off til Memorial Day. Counting, moi? Just like I have no idea it’s 15 years, 7 months, and 19 days til I retire, either. 😉