Sarcastic, liberal, animal-loving civil servant, introvert with sociable tendencies, bookworm, knitter/spinner, would-be frequent traveler, and night owl.

I love: cool colors, especially purple and blue; chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon; strong coffee and tea; cats, dogs, and rodents; sleeping in; long baths with a book; pedicures; massages; colorful tattoos; snarky standup comics; reading history, theology, biography and autobiography, and British and French lit from around 1700 on; knitting with soft wool or a cotton/silk blend; crime shows; European films; 80s music; cooking and baking; train rides and long drives; making lists, apparently.

Not so keen on: earth tones; CILANTRO OMG, avocados and beer; low-rise jeans (they hit the widest part of a woman’s body); clowns; rap; mornings; American comedy films and most sitcoms; consistently bad grammar (unless used ironically, or in songs); mornings; hot weather; most reality and all competition TV; (American) football; mornings; loud folks in public; people who bring bikes on the No Bikes trains in the morning; cigarette smoke; doing the dishes;  and did I mention mornings?

Blog title is a reference to my years of opposition to a status quo that seemed without reason and my mom’s oft-heard “But people just don’t do that!”

Photo in header is my own, of the Mucha window at the Cathedral of St. Vitus, Prague.


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