Still Hanging In….

Wish this had come sooner in the season. is sloooow.

It even fits over the boobs.

It even fits over the boobs.

I chose his jersey because I wanted one of our All-Stars, and I love his comeback story. I love how he was the “chaperone” for the A’s ASG delegation, and picked up the tab for some expenses, since a lot of those guys are not making a lot by MLB standards. And, to be honest, I like “z’s.” 🙂

It’s hard to say “there’s always next year” considering Billy Beane really went hell bent for leather for this year, and we are not the Yankees. So I’m still hanging on to the hope of the wild card, and a miracle. But if not I will still be wearing this jersey to games for years to come, cheering on my crazy Green and Gold.